Transfer Application 17-18

Non-resident Student Transfer Guidelines

Public School transfers are governed by IC 20-26-11-5

Blue River Valley School Corporation will determine the capacity to accept out-of-district transfers annually. For the 2017-2018 school year we have the capacity to accept students in all grades throughout the entire school year.

Only parents, guardians
or custodians of Indiana students, or a student who is 18 years of age and is a non-resident student, who do not reside in the Blue River Valley School district may request transfer to Blue River Valley Schools.

Requests are made by completing the Application for Transfer of a Non-Resident Student which is available online at or is available in paper form in the Office of the Superintendent or in the main offices of each school building.

Forms completed on the website are submitted electronically. Paper forms will be accepted at the school offices or the Office of the Superintendent.  Transfers must be resubmitted on a yearly basis.

Non-resident enrollment is strictly for educational reasons. No transfers will be accepted for athletic or any other non-instructional reasons.

No transfers will be accepted if the non-resident student has been:

A.) Suspended or expelled for ten (10) or more school days;
B.) Expelled for firearms, destructive devices, or weapons;
C.) Suspended or expelled for causing physical injury to a student, school employee, or a visitor to the school; or;
D.) Suspended or expelled for a violation of the home school or previous school’s drug or alcohol rules.

A complete copy of the student’s transcript and discipline records may be requested prior to consideration.

Parents, guardians or custodians must agree to provide transportation to and from the school.

The building principal will make a recommendation to the Superintendent and the Superintendent will make a recommendation to the BRV Board of School Trustees regarding the student.  Once the Board makes the final determination the parent, guardian or custodian will be notified.