Transfer to BRV

For students who do not live in the Blue River Valley School district.

We are currently accepting Out-of-District Transfer Students for the 2023-2024 School Year.

Application for new enrollments of Out-of-District Transfer Students for school year 2023-2024 will be accepted only if the student meets all application criteria.  The criteria for acceptance are outlined in the attached documents and in the Application for Admission of Out-of-District Transfer Students. 

Out-of-District Transfer Students previously accepted and currently enrolled must reapply every spring. 

Students currently enrolled who have moved out of the district and who are in good standing and want to continue attending school at Blue River Valley Schools must apply and be accepted.

Criteria for enrollment comply with Indiana law, HEA 1381-P.L.281-2013.  An applicant who meets criteria must be enrolled.

Parents of children entering kindergarten should submit the Out-of-District Transfer application in April 2023 and attend Kindergarten Round-Up in April 2023. The child must be five-years-old by August 1, 2023, to enroll in kindergarten in 2023-24.

For questions regarding out-of-district transfer students please contact:

Blue River Valley Schools