The Why Behind the Referendum at BRV

There are two ways to raise additional money in public schools.

  1. Increase enrollment (K-12)

  2. Run a referendum

Enrollment at BRV and Indiana

  • Blue River Valley Schools has declining enrollment due to job loss in Henry County, population migratory trends, and the fact that Indiana allows school choice.

  • Of the 290 public school districts across Indiana, 209 (72%) of them have had a declining enrollment over the past 5 years.

Financial Factors to Consider

These are the financial factors impacting Blue River Valley Schools, thus prompting the exploration of a referendum as an alternative financial resource:

  • Consistently declining enrollment at BRV

  • Cash balances are beginning to decline below the desired levels

  • 2023 Operations Fund Estimated Circuit Breaker Loss = $460,570

  • Very difficult to become competitive with compensation given current revenue levels.

What has BRV done leading up to this point?

  • Financial consulting - BRV has conducted and participated in numerous financial planning meetings over the past year and a half with Stifel Finance to analyze our financial condition

  • Long-range comprehensive financial planning

  • Developed an ongoing district strategic plan with goals and targeted objectives

  • A marketing plan is being carried out to attract students

  • Examples of how we have become aware of spending with efficiency and vision in mind

    • LED light project for future energy savings

    • Central office 'right-sized' project

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